Why Coinbase Will Release Crypto Documentary On Amazon

Crypto is coming to the streaming service Amazon due to a Coinbase initiative. Via his official Twitter handle, the CEO of crypto exchange Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, announced the launch of a documentary focused on the crypto industry.

The documentary will premiere this Friday, October 7th, 2022. The movie was directed by Greg Kohs a writer, producer, editor, and cinematographer, and will be based on the nascent industry and the exchange platform since 2019.

Koks has been working in documentaries since 1997, the upcoming Coinbase movie for Amazon is his most recent project following two short documentaries, and a full feature of the same genre called AlphaGo. The latter receive positive reviews. The film was about a Google artificial intelligence software capable of playing Go, the 3000-year-old game.

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Coinbase In The Spotlight For Documentary

People will be able to watch the film on other streaming platforms in addition to Amazon, such as iTunes and YouTube. According to Armstrong, Kohs and his team were given “unprecedented access” to the company and its inside operations.

The story will follow Coinbase and its founder and CEO from the beginning and until the company debuts in the U.S. public markets. As seen in the trailer below, big crypto personalities, such as the inventor of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor, and others will be featured in the documentary.

Armstrong claims that the movie will show the “good, bad, and ugly” behind the company and the crypto industry. Via Twitter, the Coinbase CEO said the following about the movies’ ultimate purpose:

I agreed to do this documentary because I wanted to demystify what it takes to build a tech startup and encourage more people to start companies. I also wanted to demystify crypto. The world tends to either vilify founders or put them on a pedestal. Neither is true – they’re just regular people trying to make something that people want.

The trailer shows a young Armstrong, a young Coinbase, and young crypto industry, all tie under a single asset and its vision: Bitcoin, decentralization, and providing people with access to this financial tool.

Coinbase Precedents With Multimedia Content

In addition, Armstrong claims that the documentary will show the complexities of starting and running a business. In particular, a company in a nascent industry, such as crypto, within an unregulated sector or a sector that has gained a lot of negative attention from governments around the world.

The film is supposed to have a positive impact on many people, including those looking to take on the path of entrepreneurs and those working with government agencies, regulators, and lawmakers. The executive added:

I got in touch with Greg after seeing another film he created called AlphaGo, about DeepMind’s program that defeated the Go champion, Lee Sedol. It was a powerful story, and it’s what convinced me to trust him to tell our story. I hope you all go and see the film – and that policy makers see it as well. I believe it will help advance the cause of cryptocurrency,

As Bitcoinist reported, this is not the first time that the crypto exchange ventures into multimedia content. Two months ago, the company launched the first chapter of a series called “The Degen Trilogy”, the installment received negative feedback from the crypto community.

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