Token Waves College Approaches Blockchain Era with Its Loose Path in 20 Languages

Education and blockchain – two worlds that seem as though they have nothing in common, are being brought together in the form of Waves School, built on the Waves blockchain. Waves School is tackling the high barriers of entry into higher education as well as into the crypto world, through the launch of their one of a kind training academy.

Worldwide statistics show that out of the global population that has access to the internet, only 3% of people own some sort of cryptocurrency, whereas 1% can be considered as knowledgeable experts in the field. Although the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies and the technologies that surround it has increased greatly over the past years – the paradigm shift into the world of decentralization is still extremely low due to the high barriers of entry, as is similar in the world of education. Worldwide, tertiary tuition fees can cost anywhere from $1,000 upwards, which is far from affordable for many prospective students across the globe.

Looking at these two major industries and their own set of issues – Waves School aims to break down the barriers to entry through the integrations of these two worlds. Known as “the people’s blockchain”, Waves is offering free training to their students across the globe, promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies – staying true to their motto, “learn to earn”. Through the democratrization of crypto training, Waves School is looking to minimize the economic gap, allowing many more individuals to deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency without needing start-up capital.

Anybody that has an internet connection is able to join the academy, which is taught in a whopping twenty different languages, including Hindi, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Swahili, German, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Zulu, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Vietnamese, Japanese, Polish, Thai, and Tagalog. Bringing these different nationalities together will give individuals of all cultures and social status the ability to trade in a responsible and informed manner, within one big community.

The Waves School training course is carefully evaluated by experts in the field, avoiding the mass misinformation that has been spread online by unreliable, false crypto gurus who promise massive fortunes in record timing. At Waves School, no prior knowledge in cryptocurrency or even finance is required, as their course starts at the history of money and how economies work, building up to the basics of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more. Through this training course, students of Waves School will be able to enter the crypto market based on knowledge gained – allowing them to make independent and informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies.

Waves School is truly taking the next step in democratizing the world of crypto education. By breaking down the barriers of entry into the industry. With their course being available in over twenty different languages, there is no doubt that this revolutionary training program will bring together people from different backgrounds and cultures, building the largest crypto community to date.




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