Kuya Kim extends pact with BMW Motorrad, Petron

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By Kap Maceda Aguila

“KUYA” KIM ATIENZA has renewed his partnership with SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp., official country importer and distributor of BMW Motorrad, and Petron Corp. for another year. The cyclist, marathoner, triathlete, and TV personality endorsed the two brands last year — specifically the R 18 cruiser for BMW Motorrad.

Speaking ahead of his contract signing with the two firms last week (held at RSA Motors Greenhills), Mr. Atienza said, “Owning a BMW motorcycle has always been a dream of mine, ever since I saw the BMW R 50 in my neighbor’s garage. It has the power, the safety features, and the performance that really makes riding a joy. Thankfully, BMW Motorrad in the Philippines has enabled me to own the BMW R 18 last year. To go along with my modern cruiser, BMW Motorrad and Petron Corp. will fuel my new adventures with the R 1250 GS Style Rallye, which I’ve been eyeing for quite some time.”

Powered by a 1.254-liter air/liquid-cooled four-stroke flat twin engine with double overhead camshaft engine, the motorcycle has 136hp and 143Nm on tap. It boasts 20 liters of usable tank volume, with another four liters of fuel reserve. It can reach speeds of over 200kph, and consumes about 4.75 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers.

In a release, BMW Motorrad Philippines said it aims to draw “like-minded enthusiasts as Mr. Kim Atienza into adventure riding and at the same time create more awareness for the brand’s rider education and road safety advocacies.”

Said SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. President Spencer Yu, “With Kuya Kim as our partner in building the community, we are not only expanding our riding groups, but we are also spreading our cause to create riders that advocate for proper rider education and road safety through his various platforms. We are also happy to once again partner with Petron Corp., to help Mr. Atienza experience the full potential of his BMW R 1250 GS Style Rallye.”

Speaking to “Velocity,” Mr. Yu explained that it was Kuya Kim himself who chose the R 1250 for extension of the deal. “In our first partnership with him he used a heritage bike, the R 18. Now, he’d like something for use as a rainy season bike. The R 1250 is an adventure motorcycle that can take him to different places, where vintage motorcycles may not be able to.”

Mr. Yu added that the R 1250 is the top-selling model for BMW Motorrad Philippines. “We move quite a number of these every year, so it’s important for us to build a community, and I think Kuya Kim will be a very big help for us to be able to achieve that goal.”

The executive shared the model is manufactured in Thailand, and that there are ready units for sale. “We’re quite aggressive with our planning, which leads to having some availability,” Mr. Yu said.

Meanwhile, Petron Corp. Assistant Vice-President and Marketing Division Head Lemuel Cuezon said in a release, “Petron is one with Filipino riders in their passion for exciting adventures on the road. We know how the quality of fuel and lubricants enhances the experience of each rider. With our partnership with Kuya Kim, we want other riders to have a look at the Petron experience — unmatched power, peak performance, and smooth rides. We are glad to welcome Kuya Kim to the Petron family. Rest assured, wherever his road ventures take him, there will be a Petron station to greet him.” He noted during the event that there are some 2,000 Petron stations around the country.

Mr. Yu observed that there was an uptake in motorcycles at the height of the pandemic. “But for now, it’s very hard to say what the current status is, because everything is limited by supply. Just like everybody else, we’ve been affected by supply issues,” he cautioned.

Nonetheless, the BMW Motorrad Philippines head shared that “definitely, new model colorways and variants will be coming very soon.” While new model launches are “dependent on whether (the company) can get a bike or not,” Mr. Yu said to “expect something and different before the end of the year.”

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