How $5 Bitcoin Acquire Cascaded Into $1.5 Million Viral Motion – Bitcoin Mag

This is an opinion editorial by Mason Price, an emerging number cruncher, meme maker and aspiring writer.

This article was originally published here.

Stackheight 1762

Almost two months before he deleted his account, @ArizonanHODL tweeted an unassuming screenshot of a $5 Bitcoin purchase. Any regular person — and by “regular” I mean not a psychopathic, dark tetrad Bitcoin fanatic — wouldn’t have batted an eye, but those of us that are familiar with Bitcoin Twitter know that the community, like Bitcoin itself, is an unstoppable force even through a bear market. This was the case for @ArizonanHODL’s tweet, from which a new Bitcoin subculture full of stacking sats and making memes was born.

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