B2Core of B2Broker Now Helps REST API

A new version of B2Core REST API – a modern and innovative administration system from B2Broker, the world famous leader in technological solutions and liquidity for CFD, crypto and Forex markets introduced a new update of its system B2Core, which now supports REST API and thereby facilitate the work with its products and services. Such a solution will expand the range of possibilities for clients and will make the process of work even faster, more convenient and efficient. This release is an indicator of long and hard work to fulfill the most important mission of the company – to provide the best services and solutions in Forex.

Combining a large set of effective trading tools, B2Core, together with REST API makes access to the company’s products and services fast, reliable, and efficient. Given the ease and simplicity of HTTP protocol, clients can easily and instantly get all the necessary trading information on their resources. This solution allows you to significantly reduce time and costs for integration and administration.

Back-Office API

When obtaining information about users, accounts, and transactions in the back office, clients can use the API methods available as part of the back office for analytic and operational purposes. Businesses will benefit significantly from implementing this system because they can better understand their customer base and target them more precisely. Additionally, this API will facilitate the analysis of how customers interact with the company’s products and services. By collecting this type of information, businesses can change their offerings to become more competitive. In the end, companies will be able to make better-informed decisions regarding their products and services with the help of the Back-Office API, as it will enable them to better understand their customers.

Front-Office API

Thanks to features such as Front-Office API, users now have a unique opportunity to manage many processes in the Trader’s Room, including authorization, embedding operations into their products’ interface, making transactions, etc. Being a powerful tool with rich functionality, Front-Office API will help users to make their products even more efficient and convenient for their clients. With Front-Office API, you can easily customize your products, making them more usable and intuitive with a lot of features. Such a tool will undoubtedly make the functionality of your products even richer and the trading experience of your customers even more pleasant.


B2Broker’s high standards along with unwavering quality of products and services offered in the market play an important role in striving to create an unparalleled product, and the release of the B2Core API is another step towards providing our users with the best solutions in crypto, CFD and Forex. Working systematically on improving the functionality of the API, we are confident that in the future this product will be an indispensable tool in integrating solutions of B2Broker companies with services of our clients. This solution will undoubtedly allow our clients to use all the potential of Forex, crypto, and CFD trading.

If you’ve always wanted a one-stop solution for your business, then it’s time to try B2Core API! It’s a convenient, efficient and intuitive product that you will definitely appreciate. As always, if you still have any doubts or questions, our support team is always here and ready to help. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

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